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We believe that older people at a local community level can promote and provide for their health and well-being by participating in decisions and activities in pursuit of a quality of life, by managing their programs with assistance and support from government.

Sixty & Better - Being proactive

Helping you by:

  • Being proactive about your ageing
  • Being proactive about your body
  • Being proactive about your mind

Members Charter

Our Mission is to encourage and enable
older members of our community to participate in
decisions and activities which will enhance their well being,
health and social interaction and to provide for
them a welcoming, encouraging and supportive
environment which is a safe, harmonious,
stimulating, and enjoyable place.

We will:-

  • encourage all members of our community who are 50 years of age and above, regardless of background, ethnicity or creed, to become members.
  • respect your right to be treated with dignity, respect and as an individual.
  • respect your right to privacy and confidentiality in your relationship with us and us with you.
  • welcome your ideas, requests and complaints and respond positively to them.
  • provide activities, both of our volition, and at your request, which will enhance your physical and physiological health , general well being and your social interaction.
  • provide a safe, supportive, friendly, harmonious and welcoming place to which you can come and be one of us.
  • encourage and support you to be proactive about your ageing and your physical, emotional and cognitive health.

2020/2021 Committee

  • President: Peter Bourgaize
  • Vice President: Mark Westbrook
  • Secretary: Merilyne Keyworth
  • Treasurer: Lesley Williams
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