Health & Healing

Lifestyle Sessions

This is a monthly session where we invite guest speakers from local businesses and interest groups to talk about their respective professions with the intention of it being informative and beneficial to our target group.  The sessions are usually followed by a Morning tea or Lunch @ $3.00 per head.

The year ahead will however, see a change to the name and format in the hope that it will attract more participation from our members.

Suggestions from members are most welcome as this helps us arrange talks with topics of interest.


Meditation is a therapy to maintaining your health and wellbeing. It has been a practice for thousands of years in many cultures throughout te world. A regular practice of taking time out for one's self is vital to maintaining personal good health and relieving stress. When you deplete your energies with worry or ill health, you may suffer all manner of diseases that become prevalent within us.

By sitting quietly each day for approximately half an hour or more, in a comfortable, quiet place and relaxing our body completely, gives the body and mind time to heal. Doing this regularly, you reap the benefits that only meditation can give.


Reiki is the transmission of universal life force energy channeled from the practitioners hands; this system of hands on healing was rediscovered a century ago in Japan, by scholar and mystic, Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki energy is transferred by gentle placing of the hands on the body. It is a subtle and effective form of energy healing which brings about a feeling of calm. It helps to support the body's natural healing, reduces stress and tension, boosts and strengthens the immune system, releases blocked and suppressed feelings.

The client receiving the treatment remains fully clothed except for footwear. It is common to feel warmth or tingling flowing from the Reiki practitioners hands.

Weight Management Support Program

We have two qualified weight management activity leaders to help with losing weight, gaining weight and maintaining weight. 
We share safe ideas and plans to achieve a new healthy lifestyle. 
We explain how to change to healthy choices for a long term success. We also share exercises for seniors that help keep us mobile and strengthen our bodies. 
Recipes that are calorie low in fat and salt and taste delicious without sacrificing flavour. 
Our group is fun and non-judgmental. 
We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month..

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